Corona Michelangelo MASK P5 project

About Corona Virus and world demand of masks:
There are a lot of masks model on the market, a lot are good and perfect.
For easy and “soft” protection a simple 1$ mask is good, for a good protection a 10$ FPP3 is needed.

My new design is not a revolutionary 3d printed mask, but just a tribute to Michelangelo and a research of something “strange” but useful.

A new “design” mask:

I noticed that is not so easy to breath inside masks, air flow is limited to a single little valve and all masks looks like “Hospital”. So I decided to create a new mask, with better or multiple airflow system and based on something “renaissance”.

I used the iconic and beautiful masterpiece of Michelangelo, the David, to create around his perfect face a new mask. It start from the line of the Michelangelo’s David perfect face to became a “corona star” like form. From the mask grow 5 tubes to attach 5 valves.

With 5 valves the air flow is 5 time more consistent. The position of the 5 valves is different to avoid interference with rain or other side flow. In any case 1 or 2 valves will be always able to get the ideal airflow.
All 5 valves are interchangeable. Each valve can be changed and substitute with a new one without get the mask off. Just a turn and click operation. Each valve can be opened and use a simple cotton make up circle of standard 60mm diameter, very cheap and easy to find.
For more security, in each valve can be put up to 5 cotton circles.

I know the mask looks very big and “strong”, maybe too Davy Jones ..but I like it! Is Strong!
The massive and “muscles” look get inspiration from the muscles of Michelangelo’s David.

It can be 3d printed and assembled very easy. I will work on a new set of valves (little) and optimization for 3d print.

Do anyone want to produce it? contact me..
I will put on thingiverse or kistart soon.
Next update: first prototype

Mario Taddei