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Rai TV – Interview April 2021
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Léonard de Vinci le génie sans frontières
Mario Taddei – 1 Leonardo e il Cavallo – The Giant Sforza Horse

“In the French documentary made also in the Leonardo3 exhibition that I have designed since 2004. You can see some of my creations and studies.
In this sequence you can see the designs of the machines for the casting of the gigantic Sforza Horse that I have been studying since 2004. I also made the working models to understand if the machines designed by Leonardo, but never built, had ever worked. The confirmation of their efficiency is given by the correct functioning of the mechanisms. Even the horse that has a design and characteristics that I found in a document of the Codex Atlanticus has some unique aspects compatible with the technical difficulties of the bronze casting, that however, never took place.
Inside the exhibition Leonardo’s world in piazza Scala in Milan (Leonardo3 museum) and in the Leonardo3 exhibitions, my studies, my software and the models I have created are exhibited, including: the virtual Codex Atlanticus, the multiple cannon machine, the automobile, robot, helicopter, mechanical lion, manuscript B, mechanical bat, mechanical eagle (the largest model of Leonardo’s flying machine ever made), time machine (perpetual motion), bridges, the civil machines, the war machines, the skull lire, the machines for casting the Sforza horse and the multimedia stations and reconstructions dedicated to the Monna Lisa, the drawings and the Last Supper, with the interactive Virtual experience and its reconstruction as it was at Leonardo’s time. “

CCTV9 China – Leonardo da Vinci documentary Magics, Robots and Tecnology
VIDEO 2 min

La macchina Volante di Leonardo da Vinci

RAI3 Il Metodo del Genio – Leonardo Da Vinci
estratto La Macchina Volante
Estratto video 4min
Sapiens – RAI3 – Leonardo3

Il Leone meccanico di Leonardo da Vinci 2020

RAI3 Il Metodo del Genio – Leonardo Da Vinci
Estratto video 4min
Sapiens – RAI3 – Leonardo3

Il Leone meccanLe macchine da guerra e il Sottomarino segreto di Leonardo

Speciale Leonardo Memex – Nautilus
Leonardo Da Vinci. Il mito delle macchine e delle invenzioni.
Estratto Video
Le macchine da guerra e il Sottomarino segreto di Leonardo
Mario Taddei – Leonardo3
HD 6min

ILeonardo Da Vinci – Il Cenacolo

Nautilus – Leonardo Da Vinci – Il Cenacolo
Speciale Leonardo Memex – Nautilus
Leonardo Da Vinci. La natura, il disegno, la scienza
Estratto Video
Mario Taddei – Leonardo3 – Cenacolo
HD 3min

Corona Michelangelo MASK P5 project

About Corona Virus and world demand of masks:
There are a lot of masks model on the market, a lot are good and perfect.
For easy and “soft” protection a simple 1$ mask is good, for a good protection a 10$ FPP3 is needed.

My new design is not a revolutionary 3d printed mask, but just a tribute to Michelangelo and a research of something “strange” but useful.

A new “design” mask:

I noticed that is not so easy to breath inside masks, air flow is limited to a single little valve and all masks looks like “Hospital”. So I decided to create a new mask, with better or multiple airflow system and based on something “renaissance”.

I used the iconic and beautiful masterpiece of Michelangelo, the David, to create around his perfect face a new mask. It start from the line of the Michelangelo’s David perfect face to became a “corona star” like form. From the mask grow 5 tubes to attach 5 valves.

With 5 valves the air flow is 5 time more consistent. The position of the 5 valves is different to avoid interference with rain or other side flow. In any case 1 or 2 valves will be always able to get the ideal airflow.
All 5 valves are interchangeable. Each valve can be changed and substitute with a new one without get the mask off. Just a turn and click operation. Each valve can be opened and use a simple cotton make up circle of standard 60mm diameter, very cheap and easy to find.
For more security, in each valve can be put up to 5 cotton circles.

I know the mask looks very big and “strong”, maybe too Davy Jones ..but I like it! Is Strong!
The massive and “muscles” look get inspiration from the muscles of Michelangelo’s David.

It can be 3d printed and assembled very easy. I will work on a new set of valves (little) and optimization for 3d print.

Do anyone want to produce it? contact me..
I will put on thingiverse or kistart soon.
Next update: first prototype

Mario Taddei