Lecture “Leonardo da Vinci’s Manuscripts and the Influence of Ancient Arabic Science” – Abu Dhabi

April 5th, 2024 | 7:30pm
Italian Cultural Institute Abu Dhabi

Multimedia Presentation at the Virtual Museum of Leonardo da Vinci. Prof. Mario Taddei, Leonardo da Vinci Academy.

In this seminar, we will explore the manuscripts, art, and technology of Leonardo da Vinci, uncovering their deep connections to ancient Arabic science. With the support of the Italian Cultural Institute and the Embassy of Italy to the UAE, Prof. Mario Taddei will guide us through a multimedia presentation at the largest virtual museum of Leonardo da Vinci.

We will discover the reconstruction of incredible ancient machines designed by Leonardo, derived from the study of nature and ancient weaponry, such as flying spheres, the mechanical hawk, the robot car, and the first mechanical android. Art and technology intertwine, delving into the secrets of Leonardo’s masterpieces, including the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.

We will explore one of Leonardo’s secrets, his study of the ancients, and particularly see the influence of ancient Arabic science on his work. Many machines and contraptions, erroneously attributed to Leonardo, are instead the result of Arab scientists from the year 1000 who influenced modern science and mathematics more than one might think.

This seminar underscores the importance of studying history, particularly the contributions of Arab scholars from the 10th century onwards, to understand the genius of Leonardo da Vinci and his creations. Participants will have the exclusive opportunity to experience a virtual reality station, allowing them to observe Leonardo da Vinci’s machines and masterpieces like never before, journeying into the largest virtual museum ever built: the Leonardo Da Vinci ACADEMY MUSEUM.

Prof. Mario Taddei
Graduated with honors in Industrial Design from the Polytechnic University of Milan. He served as a professor at the Politecnico di Milano, teaching computer science courses. Taddei is a prominent Italian academic, best known for his contributions to Leonardo da Vinci studies. He is co-curator of some of the Leonardo Da Vinci’s exhibitions, showcasing groundbreaking discoveries in art and machine research on a global scale. With extensive experience in programming, 3D graphics, video games, virtual reality development, and multimedia applications, Taddei also teaches design, virtual scenography, and virtual architecture at various art academies in Milan, Italy.

He is an expert in artificial intelligence and has authored several books on the subject, delivering frequent lectures worldwide. As a curator, Taddei has organized numerous Leonardo exhibitions worldwide and authored several books on science, computer graphics, Renaissance masters, and Leonardo da Vinci. He is renowned for leading the study, software development, and reconstruction of hundreds of Renaissance machines, as well as pioneering virtual Codex technologies and interactive historical experiences. Taddei is also recognized as a digital artist, exhibiting under the pseudonyms Silver Mark and Neoart3 at prestigious contemporary art museums in Europe and China. Furthermore, he is an expert in NFT and metaverse technologies, contributing to the development of digital art and virtual environments. Currently, Taddei teaches at Milanese Academies, founded and directs the Leonardo da Vinci Academy (www.davinciacademy.net), and can also be found at www.Neoart3.net or by searching “Mario Taddei” on Google.

Mario Taddei Manuscript Collection – Leonardo da Vinci ACADEMY
Mario Taddei Manuscript Collection – Leonardo da Vinci ACADEMY

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